Wearing: Zara leather | jacket, top, and bag | H&M skirt | Aliexpress boots | gifted bag charm

Everyone, meet Karlito. I've been wanting this guy for over a year now because I found him to be the cutest and chicest thing in the world. Isn't he so bad ass?! His hair in the front is a bit unruly, but that's just a part of his character. But gah, I'm so happy I have him now and it's all thanks to my friend who went to Hong Kong and brought back this little guy for me. Can you tell I'm obsessed? All my guy friends think he's pretty, but I think he's so cute. Look how the wind is blowing his hair so graciously in the last photo hahahaha.

It was also the perfect day to wear my new thigh high boots that I love. They're really similar in style to the Stuart Weitzman ones, but a lot of brands are coming out with a similar style these days. It's the hype right now, but hype or no hype, I'm into it. 

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