New boots from Aliexpress

Thigh highs have been making its way back and I've been on the hunt for a perfect pair for the longest. How many times have I said I've been looking for something for the longest? A damn long time cause I can get so picky sometimes. I love that the heel isn't too high and still at a comfortable length for me to walk in. That's one of the main things I was looking for because I've purchased a pair of thigh highs before and the heels ended up being way too high for my liking. I also really like the tie detail on the back, which is similar to the styles of Stuart Weitzman. 

The inner boot has a warm furry material that is super soft. It feels like I'm putting a blanket around my legs. They fit so nicely too and I'm absolutely in love with them. I've wanted to wear these babies out a few times already but I was way too in love with them and wanted to keep them in perfect condition. They're still sitting in the box in my room because I can't bring myself to wear them yet. Weird since I'm the type that loves wearing newly bought items ASAP. Anyone else feel like that about their new things sometimes?

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