Zara bag here

For those who know me and have followed my blog for a while now, you'll know that I'm on some crazy obsession with mini bags. They're the perfect size for every day if you aren't carrying too much, but they still fit a good bunch. Last summer I was on the lookout for a mini black bag and found one at Zara, but it's a tiny bit too small to fit my current wallet and camera. It was a good bag for the whole summer though so it was well worth it, but I'm happy I found another mini black bag that can fit a bit more. 

I remember seeing this cutie on a shelf at Zara when I was doing Christmas shopping and I was really tempted to get it, but opted out of it. After all, I was there to do Christmas shopping and not shopping for myself so I had to stay focused. Plus, I wanted to see if I'd still love it after a few weeks because if not, it would've be a total waste. I'm sure you'll have guessed that I did still love it since it's now currently in my hands! Good thing I waited too since I received a Zara gift card and used that towards this purchase.

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