I'm wearing a Zara coat (like always), Zara top, Missguided trousers, and Adidas sneakers

Long time no outfit post! I've been itching to take some shots of my outfits lately, but my photographer aka boyfriend has been busy with his own work. It's been so long that I feel like it's my first time again (haha). Also, I'm finally healed from my cold, thank goodness, because it was such a horrible feeling. All week I've been wanting to go brunch with my friends so I brought them to a spot my other friend had introduced me to over the weekend. I'll be doing a post on that spot shortly, but we went to Milk and Honey Cafe in Brooklyn, NY. It's not too far away from where we are so it's great for days where we don't want to travel to the city for brunch. Their food is pretty bomb.

I wore this outfit to brunch and I am really loving these Missguided trousers. They're a tiny bit large for me even though I ordered a size 0. For reference, I'm usually a size 2 in H&M sizes and a XS/S in Forever21 sizes. I think I'll get the trousers tailored for a better fit. My top is also something I've recently purchased at Zara. Yes, another white tee but I love that it's a more structured v-neck. The price tag was friendly too - only $13. One annoying thing about this top is that it scrunches up around the v-neck area so it's easy to see down your shirt. I'm not sure if this is only a small boobs problem, but it's really annoying. I constantly have to pull it back down to straighten the top out. 

Something that's been bugging me is how often I wear my Adidas superstars. I love them to death because they're comfortable and pretty versatile, but I wear them way too much. I want to change up my look, but I always lean towards these sneakers because it's easy to. Looking at a lot of my Instagram ootd's and blog photos, I see that these are always my shoe of choice. I guess it's annoying to me because it's so repetitive, but then again, who cares? I'm hoping to switch it up a bit soon since I've ordered two new pairs of shoes. Yeah, I don't have any self control whatsoever when it comes to online browsing at 2AM, but I'm hoping to be on a long hiatus from shopping.... If that's even possible.

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