Leather Converse | get them here

Aren't these chucks so pretty? I got them for Christmas from Vinny's sister and am in love with the leather look. I think it looks so crisp and gorgeous in white, and the cute thing is Vinny and I are matching. I have other Converses as well, but this one is definitely the most beautiful pair. The size I got was a women's 5 and I'd say they're true to size. I haven't worn them out yet because I want to keep them brand spankin' new, but maybe I'll take them out soon.

Also, sorry about the long pause on the blog. It was Chinese New Year and then I caught a cold. I'm currently laying in bed wishing I was healed up but nope, still sick. The worst part about being sick is being super unproductive. Hopefully I'll heal up soon before the weekend since it'll be me and Vinny's anniversary! I might need some time before I get back to your comments in my previous post. But tell me how you guys have been! x

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