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Does anyone remember when there was a huge talk about certain feminine care brands that were not so healthy for your divine vagina? I remember reading it on FaceBook that some brands' feminine care products can cause TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome). For those who don't know, TSS is caused by a bacterial infection and it starts attacking your major organs which can lead to kidney failure, collapse of lungs, and even cardiac arrest. I had no idea something as simple as a pad can cause such severe issues and wanted to look for a brand that would not give me those problems.

Coincidentally, Veeda contacted me to try out their products and I was excited about it because they're 100% natural cotton with no chemicals, synthetics, or dyes. Au naturale, baby. They sent me some of their natural cotton liners, pads, and tampons to try out. Aside from being all natural and not giving me TSS, I look for how comfortable they are. I know a lot of people use Always, but they're super uncomfortable for me. The pads always fit weird on my panties and they sometimes raise up instead of laying flat. Very uncomfortable. So, comfort is key for me when it comes to pads and liners. I'd have to say Veeda pads and liners are very comfortable. They claim to contour to your panties and it's true! I didn't feel uncomfortable wearing the pads and liners and I forgot I even had it on at one point. 

The tampons don't contour my panties because they're supposed to go up your vagina (duh) but they're comfortable as well. I love that they're mini sized so I can easily put them in my bag without it taking up too much space. I normally don't have really heavy flows so it's perfect for me. 

If you want to go all natural with your pads and tampons and you love feeling like you're not wearing anything down there during those tough times, I highly recommend trying Veeda out. I mean, who doesn't like all natural these days? 

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