Milk & Honey Cafe
1119 Newkirk Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11230

Who loves brunch? In the beginning I had thought that brunch meant breakfast food for lunch, which I think can totally apply, but then figured out it meant in between breakfast and lunch. To be real with you guys, I'm not much of a morning person so for me to get up at 9am to get ready to go eat brunch at 11am is a bit tough. I wish I was a morning person though. It would make my life a whole lot easier.

One of my friends introduced me to this place and I fell in love. My first time was pretty bomb and my second time was just as good. I brought a group of friends to brunch here and they enjoyed it too. The prices are pretty decent ranging from $10-$15 for eggs benedict dishes. I ordered the Eggs Royal (last photo), which includes eggs benedict with potatoes and smoked salmon - absolute bomb. My boyfriend ordered a hot chocolate and it had cute latte art with it. The hot chocolate was really good, too. I ordered the lemonade, which I think is super refreshing and nice to drink with my meal. There are no free refills for those who are wondering.

An interesting thing about this place is that you find your own seats instead of being seated. You also have to order your food at the register and pay once ordered. After that, they'll give you a number and your food will be brought over to you. Once you're done, you just leave. The system kind of reminds of Uber except it's done in a restaurant. Just a FYI, if you pay with card, they'll ask you to tip beforehand. If you're paying in cash, you leave tip in their tip jar whenever you want. 

I'm happy I was introduced to this place because now I have a new favorite brunch spot to go to. On days where I don't want to travel to the city for brunch, I can come here and enjoy some yummy smoked salmon with eggs benedict. 

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