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How do you guys like my new frames? Before this pair, I had a long four year relationship with my Warby Parker frames. Unfortunately, that pair had snapped after a racquetball hit me in the face causing my glasses to drop on the floor. It was a bit sad because I've had them for so long and now they're gone. Luckily, Firmoo contacted me at the right time asking me if I wanted to do a review on their products. Now I know some people are super iffy about these types of things, but I guarantee you that this is an honest opinion on their product. (If you're wondering, no I am not being paid to write any of this. I'm being as transparent about it as possible.) 

I hadn't heard too much about Firmoo before they had contacted me so I did some research to see how others liked their frames. People had good reviews so I decided to try them out and now I'm in love with them. For the price of their eyeglasses, the quality is really good. My eyeglasses only cost $21 without shipping. The quality of the glasses are great. They're well made and sturdy. You might be thinking it may feel cheap since it's only $21 but it surprisingly doesn't feel that way. It feels the same as buying a $95 pair. It comes with a case that has a map design on it with the brand engraved on it, as well as a duster cloth to help clean your glasses. I'm not too big of a fan on the design of the case, but it's not something that bothers me. The important part is the glasses are awesome.

It's been about a month since I've worn it around and it's still in really good condition. No breakage or loose screws at all. It's great that I can get such a nice pair of frames for such a good price. They have a lot of other designs to choose from and I'm tempted to purchase another pair because it's so affordable. I'd like to have some options if I could! 

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