Left pair here. Right pair here

New shoes alert! What do you guys think?
On the left is a more classy chic shoe while the shoe on the right is more of a casual shoe. At first I only had my eyes on the right pair because I had my mind set on finding a super versatile and comfortable spring/summer shoe, but ended up falling in love with more than one pair of shoes.

I was drawn to the lace kitten heels because they reminded me of Derek Lam's Montparnasse booties. Those are a total dream, a pair I wish I could splurge on, but can't. So, this Zara pair is a great alternative and I'm pretty happy I found this gem. I think it looks better in person than it does on the model online, so feel free to try these babies out if you get the chance. Because they have a kitten heel, it makes the shoe comfortable to walk in. For a person who has started hating heels and can no longer walk in them, these were fine for me. Even after a few hours of shopping in these, my feet were still alive. That's a good sign.

The platform sandals isn't something I'd normally go for because it reminds me a bit of the clogs style, but I'm really digging this one. I love the little details and the platform makes it very comfortable. I haven't worn this out yet since it's not warm enough, but they seem perfectly fine when I walked around in them in my house. I ended up choosing these as my main spring/summer shoe because they're comfortable, and I feel they can be matched with a lot of different outfits. For those wondering about the fit, I'm usually a size 5 but their size 6 fits perfectly for me.

Totally satisfied with my new shoe purchases.

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