I'm wearing a Zara coat, jeans, & bag, Forever21 knit, Aliexpress boots, and Firmoo eyeglasses (prescripted! not fake!)

Spring has arrived and the weather started out not so strong. The very beginning of spring was pretty chilly to the point where I had to even wrap a scarf around me to keep warm. I also thought I'd take out my thigh highs because I've been wanting to wear it over jeans since I totally dig the look.

Now that winter is gone, I'm getting excited for the warmer weather. I can't wait when it's summer time and my friends and I will be making more plans to do outdoor activities. We have this thing where every year, we try to go hiking or rock climbing and it's so fun. Hopefully we can do that again this year. Now that we're all getting older, everyone has work and there's no more three months long summer vacations so it becomes a struggle to find a day that everyone's free. I guess that's what you call #adulting.

This weekend is my boyfriend's birthday! I don't want to write too much about it since he might be reading this, but I'll definitely be vlogging the whole weekend (or trying really hard to). My struggle with vlogging is I sometimes forget to whip the camera out and film. I'm trying to get better at it. Practice makes perfect!

I also wanted to give a quick shoutout/thank you to the 500 people who subscribed to my YouTube channel! I know people on the internet are always like, "Omg thank you guys so much I love you I mean it," and it might sound insincere sometimes, but they really do mean it. Well, I guess I can't speak for everyone, but for me, I'm really happy and grateful that 500 people actually give a shit about my channel. It's a good and positive feeling and who doesn't like good and positive vibes? Totally feeling the love and support. 

I'm looking to post more frequently on my channel, which is a goal of mine this year. There are a few videos in the works at the moment. I just have to edit them and that can take longer than people think. Feel free to leave me any video suggestions though! I'd love to hear what you want me to film and talk about. 

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