Friend's birthday dinner at Third Floor Cafe

For my friend's birthday, we decided to have a cute little dinner in Ktown. Since we all have a love for Korean food, my friend suggested the Third Floor Cafe. Their food is pretty good there and their happy hour special is an entree with a drink for $14. It's a pretty good deal for Korean food in the city. 

Lately, the topic of friends has been on my mind. I've been really appreciative of the people that I've been surrounded by because they are people that accept me despite my flaws. Everyone has flaws, but not everyone will accept them. It's always nice to have people who will have your back no matter what. It's so important to surround yourself with good people who give you good vibes. Find people that you can have a great time doing nothing with, support you in what you want to do, and help you grow. Find people who you can trust and rely on during the good and bad times.

There are a lot of times where I fall into a pit with myself and I am always thankful to have my friends to vent and lean to. They help me get out of that bad phase and help put things into perspective. A few good friends can really help you in whatever you're going through so I'm always appreciative of mine. 

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