Yesterday marked an entire year since I've had my own domain. It's crazy how quick time passes and how much can change within a span of a year. I grew and learned a lot more about myself the past year. Blogging has been an awesome journey for me so far and I'm still loving every bit of it. There are struggles here and there because I set extremely high standards for myself, but I'm loving it. It's a learning process, for sure.

I had meant to do a celebration post yesterday, but I ran into some technical difficulties with my blog causing my blog to shut down and show an error page. It was very annoying, but it's finally fixed now so it's all good. I'm very thankful for everyone who has showed me support whether it's visiting my blog, commenting, following me on my social media channels, or YouTube - thanks a ton! It's always nice to know that people like to see your stuff, ya know? I think I've said this before already so I'll just shut up here.

Happy one year!

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