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When it comes to accessories, I'm more of a huge statement piece kind of gal. I go for an amazing handbag, or a cute scarf, or a simple watch to put my outfit together. Rarely would you find me in jewelry pieces. Jewelry is an accessory for me where I don't feel like spending heaps amount of money on, only to find myself wanting a different necklace two weeks later. So, when Rocksbox contacted me asking if I'd like to try them out, I thought why the hell not? I like their concept where you spend $19 per month to rent jewelry pieces, which is a concept that is becoming popular. I also thought this would be great for whoever reads my blog and loves jewelry pieces. This is for you!

The way it works is you pay $19/month and they send you three pieces. You can wear them and send them back, or you can purchase them as well. If you want to purchase an item they sent you, you just keep the one you want, send the others you don't want back, and they'll charge your card automatically. No hassle. 

This works great for people who like to switch things up around a lot and doesn't want to commit to one piece of jewelry. It's also nice because you can check out new products you haven't seen before. You do have to take a survey so a stylist can choose pieces that match the survey you took. After the survey, you can also pick products to put on your wishlist so your stylist can get a better idea of what you like. The best thing is it's free shipping and returns! They make it super easy for you to ship it back with a return label that you just smack back onto the package.

My box came with a necklace, ring, and earrings. Their packaging is super cute with the white box, but still super cute with the bow. My favorite items in the box are the necklace and ring. As for the earrings, I'm not really a fan for every day wear. They are much better if I was going to a formal party. I do love how each item is packaged in their own little bag. One thing I do have to say is I don't agree with their pricing for these pieces. Some are a bit overpriced for the quality, but if you're only looking to rent these pieces, I think it's a fun subscription. Let me know if you've ever subscribed to them and if you're into these types of subscriptions. 

For those who want to give a try, you can use my code FIONNACOXO for a free month of Rocksbox. So if you're hesitant, your first month is free! 

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