Wearing a Zara tee, American Apparel shorts, Zara heels and bag

It's another end of a weekend and I'm not ready for it. I really wish weekends were three days instead of two. I'm also not ready for tonight's season finale of Game of Thrones (omg!). Like every episode of Game of Thrones that I watch, I'll be holding myself, praying they don't kill off any dragons or my favorite characters.

My boyfriend and I just came back from eating dim sum with his family. Dim sum is such a good way to start the day (sorry, no pictures!). My outfit was simple, white on white, because I could not be bothered, and also because I don't have anymore clean clothes at his house. Time to head back to my own house and gather some clean clothes.

I also wanted to give you guys a quick update because on Friday aka #fleekyfridays, I got my hair done! My roots were growing out and I was getting sick of how nasty my hair was looking so I spontaneously booked an appointment at the hair salon. I'll make a post about my experience and all very soon, but how do you guys like the color? I walked out of the salon looking very midnight blue, and you'll have seen it if you've added me on Snapchat (add me at fionnababes). I just washed it this morning and it has faded slightly, but the purple is coming out more now! I'm really happy with this experience compared to my previous hair coloring experience. Let me know what you think!

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