The Most Important Bags You Can Own

From fringe shoulder bags to canvas knapsacks, accessories are becoming an increasingly vital component for fashion shows. The Spring and Summer 2016 shows introduced a number of colorful options to bring out our playfulness in this season’s wardrobe choices, but sometimes all we need are the bags that we know will get the job done, meaning they fit all of our most important items in, are easy to carry, and match almost any outfit that you put on for the day.

With all the studs, embellishments and finishes, finding that go-to bag can be difficult to find. Much like shoes, you can never own too many purses, and fashion experts who have put together collection of must-have bags on Lyst explain that there are styles to suit various needs and tastes. However, there are certain accessories that every woman should have in their arsenal for days when even purses are a difficult choice in daily wardrobe decisions.

An Easy Hobo
The amount of items that ladies can fit into their bags is surprising. A lot of us like to be prepared for anything, so we’ll pack everything we need into our handbags without really organizing them. Slouchy, free-form purses are the perfect solution when we need a reliable carryall to dump everything into.

A Black Crossbody
As Justine Carreon shared with Elle readers, a no-frills black leather bag is surprisingly hard to come across, which is strange considering it’s one of the most basic accessories that you could own. Why is a black crossbody so important? It’s lightweight and small, but with just enough room to fit your essentials. Plus, black looks good with everything.

An Oversized Clutch
Clutches may have been made to be your minimalistic bag for formal affairs, but they also add a touch of sophistication in your casual uniform. They can easily be worked into your daytime looks as they can for your nighttime outfits, so if you’ve got a full schedule ahead of you, let your handbag take you from morning to evening without any fuss.

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