I think I found one of my new favorite brunch spots. My friends and I came across this place after changing our minds from trying out a different brunch place. The wait was too long so we decided to come here instead since it looked nice and there was no line. Best decision ever. 

The interior is super reminiscent of the old days. Once you're seated, you feel like you're in a 1900's movie. I love the vibe that they've created in there. The outdoor sign isn't too obvious, at least not to me, so make sure you don't miss this spot! 

We ordered a bunch of things to try together and we were pretty happy about all of them. We tried their fluffy pancakes, their potato cakes, and the Englander for the main dish. Everything was so good. It was way too good. The potato cakes with the sauce just delicious and the steak on the benedict was cooked perfectly. This is really a good brunch spot to come to if you're looking for new places to try. Totally amazing. 

I'm thinking of going back to this place soon because it was just so good. This place has been added to my new fave brunch spots for sure!

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