I've never owned hair extensions before so this is my first time. When it comes to extensions, I've always been clueless about how to apply them even though I really wanted to try them out. Irresistable Me was kind enough to send me a set of my choice so I ended up going for the platinum blonde in 200g.

The packaging is really simple and organized which makes it great for storing the hair when you're not using it. I didn't know what to expect of the hair since I've never tried extensions before, but the hair definitely feels really soft. It doesn't feel easily tangled and the quality is pretty nice! The only downside I didn't enjoy is the smell of the hair. My friend told me that it's normal since it's extensions but I had no idea since it's my first encounter with it.

Since my hair has been colored, it was difficult for me to match the color so I decided to try them on me just to give myself an idea of how I would look with long hair. It was actually really fun to see myself with hair that long since I've had shorter hair for a while now. I didn't put them on 100% correctly as they're not super blended, but I was only quickly testing them out to see how they'd look on me. So far, not so bad! I think once I change the color and have my friend help me put them on correctly, it'll look really, really good.

If you're looking into getting hair extensions, I'd say Irresistable Me is a good place to look for them! They're human hair so they feel really nice. It doesn't have that coarse, fake texture like I thought I would feel. There's also no tangles at all. I'm probably going to try and color these soon, and once I do, I will make a post to let you guys know how it takes on color!

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