Rag and Bone Micro Pilot Backpack

The beauty of this backpack... I'm in love! With the whole backpack craze, it was starting to grow on me. I started really wanting a designer backpack, but nothing too crazy because I'm not as huge of a backpack person as I am a handbag person. I remembered seeing this backpack around in a much larger size, but when I saw it in this micro size, I had to have it. It was perfect. What really got me to buy it was it was on sale! I went for it once I saw those marked down numbers. I have no self control. Mind you, I was trying to go on a shopping ban around this time...

I didn't love the black one as much because it felt super boring to have a black backpack. All my handbags are already black and I just didn't love it as much in the black. I think this warm beige/grey color is perfect and the design is different, and more interesting. It's still a neutral tone so it's easy to match. The only thing is it's suede so it'll be harder to maintain. Good thing I have a suede spray to help protect it. 

The quality of the bag is really nice. I really like the adjustable straps and the way they're designed. There is also a side zipper compartment that is great for putting your passport and money when traveling. I can't wait to bring this cutie with me on my next trip! 

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