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Do you guys remember when you were in elementary school and if you did really well or behaved yourself, you'd be rewarded with a sticker of your choice? I remember having that at my school and it was so much fun collecting stickers. Even now, I like to have some cute stickers to decorate my notebooks or other random stuff. I mean, who doesn't enjoy stickers? 

I got a few stickers from Stickerapp, which is the same company as Caseapp, except they specialize in stickers! They have so many options, from glossy to matte finishes, designing your own stickers, or purchasing some through their gallery. I did a little bit of both as I ordered a bunch of stickers with my blog logo on them and chose a few from their gallery. 

The quality of the stickers are actually really nice. They're not super flimsy or cheap, but feel like they're really good quality. The ones I ordered from their gallery are pretty cute and fun like the milf carton. I thought it was hilarious and I had to get it. 

If you're looking for cute customized stickers, definitely get it from Stickerapp! You can check out their Instagram too for all the cool custom stickers other people have ordered. People can be so creative!

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