Adidas NMD's (kids size)

Adidas and their NMD sneakers have been all the rave. So many people are after them and wearing them on the streets, and I find the sneaker to be a very pretty pair. When I first saw the grey, white, and baby blue color way, I was seriously hooked. I really, really wanted this pair but it was sold out on the Adidas website. I had given up on getting it since it wasn't something that I needed. To my luck, I was able to find it at an Adidas store randomly. I had walked in searching for a different pair but ended up walking out with these.

The one thing that stresses me out about this shoe is that it gets dirty a lot easier than the other color ways like black. I try to take care of it very well but there's still a tiny mark on them. Oh well, they're shoes. They're meant to be worn. 

The NMD's really are super comfortable. My feet feel like they're walking on clouds. I don't wear this pair out as much but I still love them a lot. Also was able to score a deal out of them since I have tiny feet and went for the kids size. There are perks to being small!

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