Wearing Zara top & jeans, Forever21 mules, Chanel bag

The weather has been amazing here in New York City. I was finally able to bring out my new mules that I got from Forever21 a couple weeks ago and they're the perfect spring shoe. I even have a similar pair in black because duh. There's also some pretty cherry blossoms near my area which I was pleasantly surprised about. It's like Japan followed me home.

I've been a huge hermit these past few days, relaxing at home, being pretty jet lagged and all. I've also been missing Japan immensely. My heart wasn't ready to leave. Coming back from my trip has changed something in me. I can't really put my fingers on what that is exactly, but something has changed. I feel I care less about some things and I feel I want to change some aspects of my life. Travel does that to you I guess. You see a different perspective in life and it inspires you in so many ways.

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