Without question, Tokyo Disney Sea was on my list of things to do in Japan. It is the only one in the world, and if you're a lover of all things Disney, it was a no brainer that you must pay a visit. We spent an entire day exploring the entire park and I'm so happy we visited. I bought a few Disney souvenirs too ;)

The Disney rail was something I was anticipating because they had Mickey shaped windows and handles! Talk about kawaii, right? You get a nice view of the other park and resort before reaching your destination. I loved every single minute of it. Actually wish the ride took a little longer (lol).

My outfit of choice for the day was a cute vintage Mickey hoodie that I bought while I was in Japan, a pair of Bershka denim, Vans, and my Rag and Bone backpack. I barely took my backpack out while on my trip but felt that Disney was the best place to do so! Check out the huge Mickey on my back though. I was obsessed with it as soon as I saw it and was happy to have crossed 'buy a vintage Disney sweater' off my list. 

Since we didn't eat before arriving to the park, our first stop was to EAT! We weren't really sure where to eat so we picked a random restaurant close by to the entrance. The food was alright here but I like their soup. Also peep the Donald hat and my Mickey burger bag reel! Don't quote me on this but I think the hamburger Mickey bag is exclusive to Disney Sea.

Entering the Arabian Coast

One of the main things I was 100% set on buying was a Disney popcorn bucket. I never knew Disney made such a thing until I watched people's YouTube videos of their time at Disney Sea. That's where my obsession with the popcorn bucket began. There are a bunch of different popcorn bucket styles but I went for the Mickey one because, if you couldn't tell already, I am quite a fan of Mickey. Each bucket varies in price but mine was $18.50 and it came with curry flavored popcorn. At first I wasn't sure how I was going to feel about curry popcorn but it ended up being pretty yum. 

Popcorn bucket tip: each bucket is located at a different popcorn stand in the park and each stand has a different flavor of popcorn. If you want the same Mickey bucket, you can find it in front of the Arabian Coast! As to where you can find other buckets, go here.

The Mermaid Lagoon

Left: Inside Ariel's playground where she keeps her treasures!
Right: Inside the mermaid lagoon where all the rides were.

The Little Mermaid is one of my favorite Disney movies so imagine the excitement I had when I was at the Mermaid Lagoon. It felt like I was living inside the movie and reliving the childhood feels. Everything was so cute - even this ice cream shop! 

Minnie ice cream pop

After tons of walking, we took a break at a restaurant near the American Waterfront area of the park. They had English clam chowder so we decided to try that out and I enjoyed it! They even made the biscuit Mickey shaped *cries at all the details* Vinny and I were addicted to the fries. Not sure if it was cause we were really hungry so it tasted really good or it just tasted really good.

Seeing the park from day to night was such a pretty sight. I love how pretty the lights shine during the night time. We were also able to watch the Fantasia show towards the end of the night. Vinny and I ended up going on a few rides afterwards and there were no lines! If there are some rides you'd want to go on, go at night. That's when you won't need to wait 30 minutes to an hour for one ride. The Finding Nemo attractions were still in progress of being built so I wasn't fortunate enough to experience that but hopefully next time!

Disney Sea, you were amazing. Truly the happiest place on earth.

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