August 13, 2017


Triangl bikini here

This gorgeous yellow set was sent to me by Triangl last year but I didn't have the opportunity to wear it because it was already fall season by the time I received it. So, naturally, I brought it with me on my trip to Miami. A lot of people always wonder if Triangl is worth the money and I think their quality is definitely there. Not to mention, it comes with a neoprene bag as well which matches the bikini. I used that bag for going to the beach while I was in Miami. 

The bottoms are now a little tighter on me because I've gained weight but the size I'm wearing is a . For the top, I'm wearing size . There are three different colors to choose from in this set and I had initially chosen the dark blue, but decided that yellow would suit me much better with a tan. I was wearing too many dark colors anyway. 

If you're looking to find yourself a set, check them out here. Their quality is great and the bikini is sturdy. Only downside is neoprene gets easily wrinkled so just make sure your pieces aren't crumpled together. 

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