Celine nano <3
Watch the unboxing here
Handbag porn, anyone?

Look at this beauty. Anyone else feel me on this one? It's my anniversary with my Celine this summer and I will say that I'm still so in love with this bag. I've also kept it in really great condition so it still looks brand new. These photos were actually laying around in the archives but I thought I'd share for anyone who is as into handbags as I am.

One thing that has surprised me about this bag is that it's not as easy to scratch as I thought. My nails have grazed across the bag a few times and I thought I had scratched it but nope, nothing. Imagine the horror I initially had! That's not to say if you accidentally scrape your keys against the bag it won't do any damage, but something small like your nails grazing across won't make any crazy dents.

A subscriber had asked me to do a styling video with the Celine nano a while back and I do have that video in mind! I hope to get that out to you guys but really, this bag can match with any outfit. 

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