Hi, March. Hi, you. Long time no chat. 

I know I always say this but time flies by so fast. We're already three months in to 2018 but I already feel like this year has been a bunch of revelations. You know, it's the year of like, realizing things. For me, at least. I'm coming to terms with a lot of things I can't change and accepting them as they are. The old me would've been much more emotional and lash out due to my frustrations, but I find myself being much better now. I keep this quote close to my heart: if you are unhappy with your situation, do something to change it. If you can't change it, change the way you look at it. It's so nice to feel like I've grown and matured, that I've made some improvement to being a better version of myself.

I've also been thinking of how else I can better my life which led me to start learning a new language. I started self teaching myself Japanese, though I am teaching myself at a very, very, very slow pace. (I am procrastinating for sure and I feel guilty about it, don't judge me). Ever since I came back from Japan, it has been on my mind to learn the language but I'm not learning it as fast as I want to. That's my own fault for not prioritizing and managing my time better but self teaching can be difficult. All I've managed to learn are a few hiragana characters so I've got a loonggg way to go. The good thing is I even started at all so I give myself a light pat on the back for that.

Now I always say I'll hit the gym every year but I really want to start getting more fit. Getting older is kicking my ass and I can already feel the weakness that's seeping into my bones. Shit. I walk up a few flight of stairs and I'm panting like I've just climbed Mt Everest. Ya gurl needs some exercise. Vinny suggested a different method that'll help me create a better habit for working out which is to have no zero days. What that means is whether it's one squat, ten squats, or fifty - just do it. Every day. That way you can build up the habit of doing it compared to going all out in the beginning only to not do anything for the rest of the year. I'm not gonna lie, I've had some zero days. I really have to discipline myself harder.

I'm also having a crazy phase of outfit-block (meaning I never know what to wear). First world problems, I know, but how I dress has so much to do with how I feel so when I'm wearing a shitty outfit, I can't help but feel like a mess. Maybe it's because my style is slightly changing? I need to purge my closet again but if you're interested in buying anything from my purge, you can always check my Depop account! Please excuse the crappy photos.

Anyway, time to head to bed. Today is daylight savings so it's already 4:21AM. I need my beauty sleep!

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