A few months back, I visited Washington D.C. and fell in love. I knew I would have to make a trip back since there was still so much to explore. Just two weeks ago, my boyfriend and I went back to D.C. and had so much fun. I fell more in love with the city the second time. I love the abundance of flowers, the mix of old and new architecture, less crowded areas, friendly people, and good food. I can see myself living there.

We met up with two of our friends there and spent the weekend catching up. That weekend was insanely hot which made it not so fun to be outside. Summer is great with its long days but the heat is just overbearing. 

There was also an authentic Japanese restaurant we stumbled upon on Yelp called Kotobuki. I was drawn in by the unagi photos and it was nothing less than what I expected. So delicious! Don't let the place fool you - it's good. The unagi don comes with four sides (also delicious) but I was stuffed after eating everything. If you're in the area, I highly recommend going here. You won't be disappointed!

For the last day, we picked up some Philz Coffee before parting ways because our friend is obsessed with their coffee. I have to admit it's one of the few coffee drinks I actually enjoy but it's so strong that it made me jittery afterwards :( 

The weekend went by so fast, and again, I felt like I didn't get to see or do much. We've already talked about coming back because there's still so much more I haven't explored. There's still the botanical gardens that I've been wanting to check out since my first trip but things keep getting in the way. Hopefully I finally get to go there next time.

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